Thanks for the add. I am the GM of Dance Across Texas @ 2201 E.Ben White here in South Austin.

I have a solid crew of high volume bartenders but am looking to add one or possibly two strong, high volume bartenders who are TABC certified.

I also need waitresses who know how to get in the mix and make money for themselves and my club.

I have no problem giving folks time off when they need and I am empathetic to the fact that things happen in our lives that cause us to miss work. Having said that if you have a litany of ready made excuses of why you cannot do your job, I’m not the guy you want to work for. In short, no drama kings or queens need apply.

Come by the club Thursday through Saturday 8pm through 2 Am and ask for Shane. You may also call 512-910-4000 to make an appointment. Thanks and we are extremely Veteran friendly.