Sushi Chefs: (Full-Time and Part-Time) We’re looking to fill a couple spots behind our Sushi Bar. . . If you’ve got some skills, we’ll take it from there. . .We know how to have fun while getting the job done; we need people who are capable of doing the same. At EurAsia, our staff needs to be quick on their feet, able to laugh, problem solve on the fly and ultimately, understand what makes a restaurant successful. Co-worker interaction is necessary, as is a level of cleanliness. For 2nd Chef position can make up to $4000 per month and for sushi helper can make up to $3000 per month based on the level experience.

Kitchen Line Cooks: (Full-Time and Part-Time) At least 2+ years of experience in the kitchen as Cook, motivated, clean, organized, on time and driven for success.

Prep Cooks: (Full-Time and Part-Time) High volume experience is preferred, but willing to train.

Dish Washers: (Full-Time and Part-Time) Responsible for washing and sanitizing pots, dishes, equipment and supplies. Responsible for general cleaning duties; walk-in coolers, floors, ovens, etc. Always on time, Hard worker, and willing to do light prep.