Prepares the shift by checking for reservations, cleaning and preparing the host and dining area for guest service, laying out menus. Performing all other preparation tasks. Staying updated on current menu choices, specialties and menu deviations, placing all carry-out orders. Greeting guests, seating guests and or placing them on a wait list. Hosts are also responsible for ensuring all exiting guests had a great dining experience. Outgoing personality is a must. Always being mindful to ask “how was everything” and the guests leave the restaurant. Maintaining appropriate cleanliness of host area(s). Keeping items/menu’s clean and in stock, fulfilling customer needs, offering desserts and drinks, removing courses, replenishing utensils, refilling glasses Performing basic cleaning tasks as needed or directed by supervisor. Filling in for absent staff as needed. Assisting with special events as needed. Greet all guests and owners warmly with an appropriate greeting. Adhere to grooming and appearance standards consistently. Understands and can communicate products and services available at the restaurant. License/Qualifications: Varies by location This position does represent the company in handling complaints, arbitrating disputes or resolving grievances, as a restaurant host you will be expected to work with guests and visitors to ensure satisfaction. A restaurant host will have to take initiative and get creative in resolving guest challenges and involve a supervisor only when previous methods have been unsuccessful. Varying schedule to include evenings, holidays and extended hours as business dictates