This is a position with upward mobility. Work hard & take initiative, and you'll move up as we grow our fleet. We'll need managers and leads for each location and want to promote from within. It's a fun job with great people. We're looking for Jacks and Janes of all trades. Renaissance men and women. We're looking for a candidate that will be comfortable with customers as well as on the line and prepping, be able to take initiative, be reliable and on time, good with people, plays well with others, loves food, and has a overall good attitude. We currently have one food truck at Stay Gold's Patio open 7 days a week. We're about to get an interview in the Chronicle, and we're competing in the almost sold out 2nd Annual Austin Chicken Wing Festival which gets a ton of press. Business is about to pick up and we need to beef up our team. Our menu is pan asian and bar fare with a twist, so creatives are welcome! We're just about done with our 2nd trailer and will be opening it in Mid-Late June, and also have a possible 3rd location in the works. We will have truck shifts at Stay Gold and catering shifts for you to get trained on the menu etc until then. Once you're all trained up we'll set you loose in the new Trailer!