We are looking for individuals who have kitchen experience and can work Thursday evenings and Friday morings-afternoon. If you are fit for the job, we may hire right away. Responsible for all kitchen duties including preparing food for clients, following all sanitation and safety regulations as well as maintaining inventory. -Prepare meals for clients as scheduled. -Follow all health codes pertaining to sanitation and safety, including but not limited to how to properly prepare food to avoid food-borne illnesses, cleanliness of work area and cooking utensils, and personal grooming. -Maintain kitchen inventory, ordering appropriate amounts to make sure necessary ingredients are always on hand without any going to waste, and ensuring everything is stored properly for safety and space efficiency. -Organize kitchen schedules, plan regular duties such as cleaning, designing menus and making sure cooking activities are coordinated. -Must understand how to use kitchen equipment, be able to retain certain recipes to ensure consistency, and know how to cook in bulk and maintain portion control without generating waste. -Maintain strict confidentiality on all client and foundation matters and refer questionable issues to your supervisor. -Perform additional duties as assigned and consistent with the non-exempt functions as defined in this job description.