Why Be A Dragon? Drag·on (draɡən), n. 1. Benevolent yet fierce. 2. Unrelenting, with a pioneering spirit. 3. Faces challenges head on. 4. Extraordinary powers of sales and marketing. Our Dragons are a different breed of brand ambassadors. We set very high standards for our Dragons - to be the best salespeople and promoters found anywhere. We encourage and develop our Dragons to be experts on our clients’ brands and stories, all while exemplifying our Dragon’s Creed. Dragon Engagement Network™ (DEN™ Technology) The Dragon Engagement Network™ is a proprietary platform for brand ambassadors that care, want to learn constantly, and earn more as they improve and grow as a BA. We pioneered an innovative, top-of-the-line brand ambassador marketplace FOR YOU! Built BY brand ambassadors FOR brand ambassadors… Set your own pay rate! Yay…it’s about time! What other agency lets you do that? Your own personalized dashboard with your photos, experiences, and Dragon Achievements™ Freedom to accept and reject activations as you see fit