Hand carved housemade meats to order Looking for a dedicated and personable cook that’s up for taking on a young company. Opportunities are coming in and we’re trying to expand in a way that’s benefits both the company and its employees. We’d like to see what you can offer the company and show you what our company can offer you. We process meats (mostly brisket) into delicious sandwiches. Our pastrami is cooked and cut hot for our customers. This requires you have excellent knife skills. Yes, it is a sandwich making job but it’s elevated enough and new enough to Austin that I think you will both be challenged and excited to work with the products. One of the managing partners has a TON of nationwide experience in the deli game. We are a food truck parked behind a bar and your shift will be 5pm to midnight.because of the location and clientele, tips are pretty solid. We want you to come in, get settled, put on your music and get some minor prep done. People start coming, you start serving and you will be closing on your own. This position demands independence and reliability because you will be a one man show. We hope to find someone excited to take this sort of role on. We are looking for someone who can work 2-4 shifts a week. A bit about us: https://www.mystatesman.com/entertainment/dining/otherside-deli-celebrates-pastrami-the-other-brisket/lVdFe9fYe95uaz7IhsMDKI/