What sets Spanish Oaks apart from your typical serving job? • Stability in paychecks, no more feast or famine when serving at Spanish Oaks. We have a guaranteed pay rate of $15.00 with the opportunity to make more. • Family culture. Being a private club everyone is a regular, and your part of the big picture. We embrace the family lifestyle. Be treated as an individual and not just another server. • Unique environment where service is the focus and pressure to upsell isn’t a priority. We believe that the product we serve and the knowledge we provide will provide the sales. The rest should fall into place. • We take pride in our food. Locally sourced, handcrafted, hormone and gmo free. We want you to be proud of what you serve. Quality is paramount! • Stable schedule, part time and full time hours available. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and events. We believe in a professional and personal life balance and strive to meet this. • Paid vacation, dental, vision, medical, life insurance, 401k. If you’re passionate about service and the food industry but tired of waiting on strangers or inconstant earnings then this could be a great fit for you. We love what we do and we are looking for others that share the same values as us. We understand that restaurants are a dime a dozen, but we want our members and guests to crave coming here. We know that the service staff is a large part of this and the food is only part of the picture. If you want to be proud of the service and food you provide then shoot us your resume so we can reach out to you.