We are opening a sports themed gastropub, the definition of gastropub is chef quality cocktails and chef quality food. We have filled most positions but are still looking to hire one sous chef, 2-3 line cooks, 2-3 bartenders and 2-3 servers. We are in a great area and have a great brand, my name is James De Los Santos and I have been in this business my whole life and love what I do, I am looking to hire a family to work with, to be a part of this family you must genuinely love what you do, that is the only requirement, if you love what you do you will be happy, happy people give great service and in our environment that translates into great tips. Come see what is coming to NW Austin, be a part of it from the beginning because after we open I really think it will be hard to get in here as we are striving to be the best restaurant to work with in Austin. We are looking to open around the 21st of this month and hope to train you around the 15th. Bartenders: Must have some craft experience, if the art of mixology is in your blood, this is the venue for you. Sous Chef: Ready to learn under head chef Michael Rodriguez, our menu has great burgers, steaks, seafood, signature apps, game day apps and are made with a TX twist. Line Cooks: Have at least 2 years experience and be the best at what you do. Servers: Have at least 1 year experience and strive to be the best at what you do. The Westwood is located at 5308 Balcones Dr. Austin TX. 78731 our sign will be up around the 15th, for now the sign up front is Peony / Koya Asian Kitchen. Call or text me before you come up to The Westwood as I am in and out all day, open interviews all week Monday through Friday between 11 am and 4 pm. James De Los Santos 512-487-4624